iPad: Create Control and Present Projects

Last week I bought new summer cotton yarn and selected colours at random, for the first time not thinking about actual colour combinations at all! I bought it to tease the Teen away from my beloved Vinnis Cotton and Bamboo hand dyed yarns, especially since she hardly ever finishes a project we have different hooky needs and Vinnis is quite precious. The colours are Lime Green, Peach, Aqua, Lavender, Soft Grey, White, Baby Pink & Pink. (Some hookers here in South Africa are reporting splitting issues, but I am nearly finished with a cushion in all white in a hook size 5mm and had minimum splitting problems - relax the wrists girls!)

I decided to play with these colours on both the Granny Squares Pattern Generator by Melissa Avery-Weir as well as the Random Stripe Generator by Biscuits and Jam in order to demonstrate how useful these generators can be as part of the crochet project planning process. The combinations are a bit rough for my taste, but demonstrate quite nicely what we are not always able to visualise.

I really like the endless colour combinations available on the Granny Squares Pattern Generator and quickly came up with these patterns to get a idea of whether these random colours can actually work as a throw.

The Random Stripe Generator offers 92 colours and 20 different width stripes.  Once 1 or more widths as well as the colours have been selected, simply click "generate my stripes"and refresh as many times as you would like to for an infinite number of combinations. Below is an examples of what a ripple, granny stripes or fantasy blanket could potentially look like:

What if I want to join the squares in white? The generator does not allow for a joining option, but this is why I love my iPad so much!  It is possible to tweak the picture via an interactive whiteboard.  I am not by any means a master at using the Doceri app, but the kids use it daily for school projects and assist whenever I yell for help. I love this app, it offers endless possibilities to create, control and present projects. I simply drew in white lines with my finger in order to alter the image as can be seen in the top part of the image:

i have used this app before as well in order to plan a Babette type blanket and to distinguish rows in a pattern for a mohair scarf.  For more about the functions of the app, take a look at http://doceri.com/videos.php; for a presentation on how to crochet a lace scallop trim, see the Doceri created tutorial by Gwen Fisher.

I will speak more about how the iPad can be utilized for crafting purposes over the next few weeks!


  1. Oh those are really handy tools, going to bookmark these...thank you!

    Love your colour combinations, very bright!

  2. Beautiful idea for a squares throw. I like how the first one with the three rows is flashy, and how less flashy it becomes when you throw in a sashing!

  3. that is awesome!
    I never even thought about trying to plan a crochet throw - i just picked colours and started making squares.

    I really like the look of the stripe on though.
    Definitely bookmarking these apps.

  4. I has seen the stripe generator, but not the granny version. It is very cool. Thanks for sharing :-) Your blanket is going to look amazing!

  5. Wow this is fabulous. Completely unaware of this app and seeing that my next project is a granny stripe, I will be using it. Thanks for this and ps loving your colours! xoxo

  6. Technology is pretty handy sometimes. I had no idea you could use the ipad in crochet. Thanks for the interesting lesson.

  7. Howdy, Melissa Avery-Weir here! I'm glad you found my granny square generator helpful! I don't have an iPad myself, but the Doceri app looks really cool.

  8. Thanks for the links, they seem very handy!

  9. That colour palette looks very up-to-the-minute. I do prefer the white joins in-between to frame each colour square but whether you choose squares or stripes, it will be a very modern, attractive and dynamic throw.
    Thanks for explaining the technology. I don't have an iPad but you have shown potential uses for technology in a crochet context and the app information is invaluable.

  10. Nice and informative post, thank you Magda!

  11. Thank you for all the great comments! I am hooking a 10 square x 10 square throw generated by the fabulous Granny Squares Pattern Generator and it is looking super. Thank you again Melissa Avery-Weir for this great tool!